Patient Information

No cost for shipping!
Direct Medical Incorporated specializes in billing services and wound care supplies for thousands of patients across the United States.

We will verify your benefits to see if you qualify for supplies. If we are unable to bill your insurance, we will find out who can. If you have any out of pocket expense we will notify you first.

By choosing Direct Medical Incorporated you will receive your wound care supplies at your home, no cost for shipping. We will then bill your insurance for those supplies on your behalf.

How can you get your supplies from Direct Medical Incorporated?

  • Print off the Wound Care Supply Order Form and the Assignment of Benefits form (under the ‘forms’ tab), sign it and give it to your doctor
  • Fill out the customer inquiry form under ‘contact us’ and we will contact you for the information we will need to process the order
  • You can also call our toll free number to get started today

Once we get all of the information we need from your physician we can get started on your order right away. Once everything is approved, your product will arrive on your doorstep within 2-3 business days.

Patient Forms